General Dentistry

An appointment with the dentist involves the diagnosis and treatment of oral problems   that affect the  health ,function and appearance of your teeth. Dental services include many treatment options to provide a healthy mouth which has an impact on your overall health and self esteem.

Treatment services available include comprehensive dental examinations, dental hygiene care, bonded restorations, composite resin fillings, root canal procedures, whitening and construction of  crowns, dentures , night guards and sports mouth guards


Comprehensive examinations, digital x-rays & regular check-ups ensure your teeth & gums remain healthy.

Oral Hygienist

The first step to a beautiful smile is healthy teeth and gums!  Letitia, our lovely Oral Hygienist, is experienced in all facets of dental hygiene and is committed to providing each of her patients with professional care & education.

Tooth Extractions

Our gentle and caring dentists will guide you through your extraction procedure, keeping you as relaxed & comfortable as possible.

Fillings (Restorations)

Our skilled dentists use the highest quality materials to create fillings that match the colour & shape of your natural teeth  and restore normal tooth function.

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is required when the soft tissue inside the root canal (knowns as the “pulp”) becomes inflamed or infected.

This inflammation or infection may be caused by factors such as deep decay, cracks or trauma to the teeth.  If left untreated, this inflammation/infection can result in immense pain and lead to the development an abscess.The only method of treating this  problem is to embark on Root Canal treatment or have the tooth extracted ,the dentist will guide and advise you on the best option for you personally.


Our Dentists are very capable in the denture making processes and follow up care. Our dentures are all processed by a very well regarded laboratory in Adelaide.

Mouth Guards

Protect your teeth with one of our custom fitted mouth guards, available in a variety of colours.