Meet Dr Garry Hibble

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Garry grew up in Tumby Bay and was educated at the Tumby Bay Area School and then at Port Lincoln High School. When he completed his Degree in Dentistry at the University of Adelaide in 1977 he returned to the Eyre Peninsula with the School Dental Service and treated students at the Cleve, Cowell and Warramboo Area Schools as well as the Wirrulla Primary School. In 1979 Garry began a new private practice in Tumby Bay & some years later also in Cummins. In 1992 he bought an established practise in Lewis St, Port Lincoln subsequently moving to Washington St and then to his own premises in Napoleon St. Garry Hibble has provided a dental service to the Eyre Peninsula for 37 years.

Garry’s first choice of study as a high school graduate was dentistry and he has found it to be a rewarding career choice with patients spanning all ages resulting in a wide variety of skills acquired. In 2005 Garry studied a Certificate in Clinical Dentistry to add to his educational qualifications.

Garry has used his skills as an experienced dentist to provide service outside of private practice. He worked as a locum dentist with the Royal Flying Doctor Service based in Broken Hill for 4 months. Garry volunteered at the Wuchopperen Dental Clinic treating aboriginal patients in Cairns and he has been rostered for several weeklong trips to work in Coober Pedy amongst the indigenous population. In 2013 he sailed around the more remote islands of Vanuatu providing volunteer dental treatment for the local people.  In 2014 he again travelled to Vanuatu to provide dental care to the communities there.